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Why Do So Many Art Galleries Lose Money?

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The art business is booming but so many art galleries are barely getting by. With the boom of online art galleries like, the art world continues to flourish in a way that is far and above any recession out there. Highly respected galleries are closing down all over the world and it’s a tough climate for people doing work that’s not necessarily super commercial. Despite the unprecedented avalanche of money blanketing the contemporary art world, it’s surprisingly difficult for galleries to make money.

There are many reasons that galleries lose money, particularly in main cities like London, Paris and New York, and one of these reasons is the rent. In the USA and Germany, the physical cost of an exhibition space was listed as a gallery’s greatest expense. The almost unanimous and unquestioned conviction that central premises in a major city are essential simply cannot be justified with an economic rationale. In other words, collectors will go wherever the art is and everyone else, the crowds at openings, the people who pop in to see what’s on view, has no bearing on a gallery and its bottom line. Paying a premium for a desirable location is therefore pointless.

Another reason that galleries lose money is the artist’s work that they exhibit is split sold. Basically, galleries generally split the sale of a work fifty fifty with the artist they exhibit. Given that galleries often have to cover marketing, production, shipping and insurance costs, it should be 70/30. This can cue outrage from the artist as artists make a lot of money, and rightly so. But if the income of the artist is higher than what the gallery can afford, the gallery will inevitably shut down. On the flip side of that, gallery staff make too little. The more a gallery spent on employee salaries, the more profitable the gallery became. In one way, this makes sense as once a gallery is successful it can afford to pay its employees more. Money makes money, that isn’t a secret. So if gallery employees are not making enough, there’s no incentive to work harder!

Galleries and art tend to follow trends so at some point, all galleries are selling the same thing. This means that all galleries in a particular area could be competing for the same, tiny world of contemporary art collectors. If you diversify, you won’t be competing elsewhere and thus can move forward financially and stay open. Much easier said than done, however. The contemporary collector base is small but the group interested in other periods is even smaller. This is basically why everyone is selling variations of the same art; it’s simply what collectors want to buy.

Ultimately art galleries have to face the realities that the real world of art fairs, biennials and parties is in fact cutthroat, antiquated, deeply flawed industry hampered by an obsession with keeping up appearances and an often misguided aversion to making money. It is really no wonder galleries are forced to close!


What Are The Advantages of A Wireless Bluetooth Headset

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Technology has indeed taken its place regarding making things possible for all humanity. Its usage has become very specific and has somehow made life more convenient and comfortable with its ease of use such as gadgets and equipment that can relate to the use of technology. Its innovative revolution has led many creators to be more idealistic and practical in manufacturing anything that is economical. Although most of these are sold in the market with a price that is a little expensive to very expensive depending on how it is manufactured by a certain company.

One of the staple gadgets that most people own these days is a 1more headphones wherein its usage is very beneficial to all people who owns either a cell phone or a computer laptop. Such as headphones have evolved into a far better item as it creators has made things lesser complicated in using a wireless Bluetooth headphone. This becomes very handy most especially with people who are very busy to pick up the phone. It is completely hands-free which make it even more interesting to most people. By the time you’re going to receive any call, you will not have to keep holding your phone just to answer.

Since it is now in the modern-day era, the use of Bluetooth is increasingly become one of the most useful devices that you can use. If you are having a second thought as to purchasing one Bluetooth for yourself, here are the following considerations that you’ll need to understand when it comes to the advantages of a wireless headphone.

  1. Are cables needed? – Certainly, if you are used to be using one gadget that involves so man wiring then learning how to use a Bluetooth is normally easy because you do not have to worry about the expenses that you’re going to invest. Indeed, Bluetooth does not carry around a lot of attachments as this only goes with a no cable gadget.
  1. The hearing of a great sound- if you are into a good quality sound system. So be sure that as you purchase a headphone, it would be best for you to look at its features and the things that it can do for you as well.
  1. It is trendy and stylish- compared to the old items, headphones these days are made in the likeness to those who are into music and perhaps the use of the headset are for those who are working.
  1. Budget-good quality headphones are your preferences, but since you are on a budget, it would be best to save up your money if you want to own a kind of headset that will surely last you longer as well. More often than not, people would rave more on the branded style of headphones than those that are brandless. In comparison, it is always the branded that has a better quality, service and the worth of investment. Whereas the cheaper ones are easily torn and tattered.

Advantages of using organic cleaning products

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There are a lot of people who are starting to acknowledge the perks of an environmentally friendly living when it comes to using household cleaning products that consist of organic chemicals which are turning into the limelight. Having a toxin-free product can be an ideal choice for homeowners who are into securing a clean area without any harmful chemicals involved that are commonly found in old cleaning products through using natural and eco-friendly chemicals in the long run. If you plan to shift to organic cleaning products, then it is a better alternative since it helps in understanding the advantages of using such items.

  • Of course, organic cleaning products are a lot safer for your health. This is one of the major advantages when using such products, since it consists of natural chemicals which do not intend to put you in a bad situation for your health such as allergic reaction. There are plenty of cleaning products that can cause cancer and problems toward the reproductive and respiratory system including behavioral issues. On the other hand, using environmentally friendly cleaning products contain isopropyl alcohol including citrus oil that cleanses well without following dangerous side effects.
  • Additionally, adding safety for your health through the use of organic cleansers can even be safe for the environment as well because it does not consist of toxic ingredients that are typically seen in household products. Contrasting to the basic cleaners, it can cause harm to the natural elements such as air and water compared to organic products that have less toxicity and are biodegradable, plus they also enhance the quality of the air indoor through minimizing dangerous chemicals being spread towards the air which reduces pollution. Additionally, greener products are intensively tranquil to throw away, then you do not have to follow complicated instruction to avoid from causing trouble to the soil and water goods.
  • Furthermore, organic cleaners are the best choice for homeowners who are in need when it comes to the protection for the surroundings including the health. There are such cleaners which may be in need to more primary investment compared to the basic household cleaners which are beneficial in gaining through security.

What are then the perks of having disinfecting household areas?

Having standard cleaning products that get the job done by eliminating the soil is ideal, although there are antiseptics cleaners which kill germs that spread a lot of illnesses. Yes, germs can indeed scatter into surfaces even on dirty clothes, plus the sponges! Consecutively, the surfaces which are disinfected successfully, the guideline on the product require labels which must be followed accordingly.

However, government regulations do not need ingredients that should be jotted down on each cleaning product; see nationwide hygiene products for ideas. This serves as one reason in creating your homemade products since you are the one who knows the mixture of ingredients when it comes to cleaning assistance.

Lastly, health concerns are turning to be more frequent along with the people in becoming cautious of the harmful effects when it comes to cleaning chemicals which return to the simple products and searching for environmentally friendly procedures to clean.

Tips and Hints for Dressing for a Job Interview

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First impressions really do count with interviews but there needs to be a balance between wanting to impress and just trying far too hard. A first impression is something you just cannot take back and you want to show the new employers that you are humble and respectful.

There’s nothing really more nerve-wracking than going to a job interview. You’ve got to sit in front of a person – and sometimes a panel of people – and talk about you and as we all know, the British are self-deprecating in their humour at the best of times and interviews talking yourself up are never easy! If you’ve decided to bold and make a change, going for the job you have always wanted is daunting but it can be done. The first thing you have to work on is your confidence and what better way than to treat yourself to a brand new suit. Companies such as have a huge range of beautifully tailored suits on offer and will allow you to ooze confidence and intelligence when you walk into the room. menswear

Buying clothes is just the first step and you should always go formal no matter the type of job you are interviewing for. It’s respectful of the business you’re interviewing with and it means that you stand out. Plenty of people wrongly go for a casual look with job interviews and it can actually be incorrect fashion that loses you the position rather than the skills you have. Sometimes not dressing correctly for an interview can tell them you are not organised, and you perhaps can’t be bothered to even try and win their approval, which, let’s be honest is what an interview is about. You can ensure you pick the right style of shirts by using advice on the colour and tailoring on and choosing the right shirt for your interview can be the clincher.

You want to make sure you go for white if possible as while coloured shirts are nice they’re just not as formal as they can be. Going with a white shirt and either a grey or navy will be classic and we definitely wouldn’t recommend wearing black as it can be a little too serious for an interview. A simple grey or navy suit with a dark coloured tie and black shirt is professional and stamps your style in the mind of the interviewer and they are more likely to remember you if you wear shiny shoes so get out that shoe polish! Show you’ve made the effort for them for whilst you’re interviewing them as a company they are most definitely interviewing your skills and your professionalism.

It’s never a good idea to show up to an interview in jeans even if you are going for a freelance or marketing position where the dress code in the office is somewhat more relaxed. Websites such as do offer stunning jeans but keep those for the celebratory drinks when you’ve won the role!

Tips for the Grooms Party

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Perfection is the key to wedding planning and knowing you what you want as the bride is usually what goes with a wedding day. Being the perfectly dressed, made up and coiffed bride is important but with that, comes a perfectly dressed and coiffed groom. Thing is, there’s got to be rules attached to the groom party outfits and even more so, the groom!

The attire your groom wears should be appropriate for your venue and the style of your wedding day. If you have a lavish affair lined up then dressing him top to toe in tracksuit is probably not the way to go. Outdoor weddings can stand to have a little more casual in terms of fabrics used so suits or more casual khaki trousers like those on are perfect for a more outdoor wedding instead of a formal affair. The older groom especially will likely not want to go top and tails if it’s the second or perhaps third go round. Coordinate your outfits and accessories. It is your style as a couple that is on display so your outfits need to be a joint effort. I don’t mean that he should wear a white or purple suit, but he should have buttonholes that match the flower and colour of your bouquet. His waistcoat or cravat should match the wedding colours and if your venue is extra luxurious, a white tie ensemble is the way to go. Think black top and tails with a white waistcoat and white bowtie.

mens shirts & trousersDress for his body. So while almost all men look cracking in a well-tailored suit, especially if he is tall, some just don’t so you have to fake it til you make it! Darker coloured suits are slimming and those of shorter stature should really go for a two or three buttoned jacket that has low buttons so the frame is elongated. The fit has to fit! There’s no use buying a suit for your groom if the fit is off so make sure the collar lays flat, the jacket sleeve falls to the wrist and the bottom of the jacket covers below the bottom. Shirts should be crisp and well starched and formal; ideally white so those advertised as part of wedding attire on are better than the Laine Taylor range.

Accessorise! Buttonholes, cufflinks, bowties or cravats all these things can be used to accessorise your groom. Classy cufflinks that don’t have to be vulgar and they can be different to those that the groomsmen wear. This will set him apart from the rest and ensure that he can also feel important.

Contrary to popular belief, the wedding is not just about the bride! The groom plays just as big a part and is extremely important. If the groom turns up in a Mr Blobby costume everyone will certainly notice so you want his suit to really stand out.

Wedding Morning Advice

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Some of the best days of our lives happen during our nuptials. Not just the day itself but all the parts leading up to that day, including deciding the shape of your wedding dress. Before the wedding morning comes the pre-wedding morning. It’s like the Eve to Christmas Eve in its importance. To ensure you have a relaxing and fun wedding morning you have to make sure that the night before cannot be made difficult. It’s the time that makes a difference between a stressful wedding morning or a relaxed, happy affair.


You have to ensure that you don’t drink too much the night before your wedding. Even if up until that moment, you’ve never experienced a hangover. The first time you have one should definitely not be your wedding day and only you can truly control that. Drinking too much can also ruin the quality of your sleep and the amount of sleep you get. Saying that, you should also probably stay away from caffeine. Those eye bags can only hold so much haemorrhoid ointment to stay firm and ideally you want minimal invasion on your face other than your wedding make up. For a wedding eve with a difference why not make healthy, delicious smoothies in place of alcohol and perhaps have one glass of celebratory champagne. This way, you are going to be able to enjoy your wedding night and still have a treat.

You want to be able to fit into your dress beautifully without any bloating, so eating the right foods to fit your ian stuart dress is the way forward. Don’t go for food that is going to be spicy and may keep you on the toilet all night and all morning and don’t go for food that is too starchy. Stick to fruits and vegetables and fresh meats. This way, you minimise any gut issues on top of combatting bloating. There’s nothing delicate about the stomach rumbling at the altar!

One of the big worries a bride can have before her wedding is whether she will look her best. If you want to make sure your skin is the best it can be, you should perfect your beauty regime in the months leading up to the wedding. The days before, hydrate as much as you can and drink plenty of skin-plumping water. Not only does it keep your pores clear, it enhances the way your skin appears on your big day. Exfoliate daily and this will make sure you glow. You’d have heard this advice from your wedding advisors when you went shopping for jenny packham dreses but it’s definitely advice to be taken seriously.

Your wedding day should wake you with excitement and nerves, but better a ball of nerves in your tummy than the remnants of a curry the night before! Before you go for your hair and make up try and eat something light to ensure you don’t faint and keep your body fuelled. Nervousness burns energy so you will likely crash once the wedding morning high has dissipated. Breakfast can really help with this so if you’re not a breakfast person usually, today is the day to change that! Laugh with your friends and help your mother wipe her tears, for today is your wedding day and you’re about to embark on a new life!

How Bathrooms Reflect Your Home?

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How’s your bathroom at home? There are bathroom renovations in high Wycombe because bathrooms are important, too. Often, they are neglected. The bathrooms are a place you use every day. A home cannot be your comfort place without it. In some ways, it also reflects your home in general. You can find ways to describe the people who live in the home as well. Here’s how bathrooms reflect your home.


The cleanliness of the bathroom shows how cared for your home is. Homes can only be cleaned when guests arrived unexpectedly. If guests come over for dinner, they might ask to use your bathroom.Your guests can’t help feeling disgusted if they see a dirty bathroom. Cleaning your home should always include all bathrooms. You can also make some bathroom renovations to avoid having dull bathrooms in a wonderful home.

Bathrooms are also one of the places in your home where you can relax. Putting good lighting and ornaments in your bathroom makes it more relaxing. Indoor plants are even put in the bathroom to reflect how eco-friendly your home is. The mirror is a must in every bathroom. It is a place where you can appreciate your beauty right after waking up. Nobody will judge you, and you are comfortable looking at the mirror without any makeup.

Your home design and decoration gets everything aligned. Bathrooms are not neglected because this is the part of your home you frequent. Family members and guests can see your overall theme just by checking your bathroom. Modern designed homes have unique designed compared to classic Victorian homes. You should be proud to show what design you have in mind thru your bathroom designs.

Getting final preparations for a meeting or speech is done in your bathrooms. This is a place where you can be alone. It is a private place even for parents who have kids to take care of. When you are married and have kids at home, it is difficult to have time just for yourself. The bathroom has been the haven for many burnt out parents who have difficult kids. Everyone needs some time to be alone in a day for you to reflect and appreciate what you have. Believe it or not, the bathroom is already a good place to start.

Health is also a priority for each householdthrough disinfecting and cleaning bathrooms. No mother would want to see her children getting sick. Keep the bathroom clean at all times to avoid germs that can cause diseases. Parents would prefer to see their kids playing at home and not sick in the hospital.

Your home can be reflected on how much you care and use your bathroom. Family members use it to do final rehearsals for a special day. Your bathroom will become your sanctuary. It is cleaned up thoroughly to maintain a clean environment for the family. Such simple things reflect how much you care for your family. Whatever theme you have in your home will always be includedin your bathroom.

Benefits of Showroom Bathrooms Kent

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Are you planning to design or redesign a bathroom for your home or business? If so then you should consider a showroom bathrooms Kent. This can provide many key benefits that you should consider including the following ones:


  1. Local Economy

You can boost the local community by visiting and buying from such showroom bathrooms. This is a plus if you’re interested in boosting the local economy. Today small businesses have a tougher time competing with large corporations. That’s happening in the home improvement sector in the UK and other countries.


The good news is that you can help by purchasing your next bathroom from a local business that allows you to check out the showroom before making your purchase.


  1. Specialty Stores

Another key benefit of visiting a showroom bathroom is that you can get more specific information about remodeling a bathroom. This is a plus for various reasons. You’ll likely have access to more brands, products, etc.


For example, if you’re interesting in buying a particular model that’s difficult to find, it will be less of a problem when a company specializes in bathrooms, then when dealing with general home improvement companies.


This is important because when you order bathroom fixtures, it’s important that you’re able to get the ones you want, including particular brands, models, sizes, colors, etc. A specialty store will make it more likely, so it’s a better option to consider than a general home improvement store even if it has a wide selection.


  1. Knowledge/Expertise

One of the key benefits of visiting a showroom bathroom is that you can get access to salespeople who are knowledgeable about bathroom design and redesign.


For example, sometimes you can get a consultation with a representative. That gives you the chance to see a bathroom that’s going to be remodeled. You sometimes see how the bathroom would be remodeled.


The representatives can help you to learn about the latest advancements in the world bathroom home improvement. This will help you to learn about various issues including new products and techniques. You can also learn about issues related to renovations such as specials, discounts, etc.


This is very important because it will provide you with all the need-to-know knowledge required to make a decision about your bathroom remodeling. It’s one thing to see the showroom and how your next bathroom might look. It’s quite another thing when you can get help from a representative to customize your next bathroom based on the display in the showroom bathroom.


  1. Greener Option

This might be surprising, but it’s related to purchasing products from a local business. Here’s why it’s a “greener” choice. When you buy from local companies, you’re supporting the use of local resources. That means the materials don’t have to be shipped from other countries or continents.


Such shipping can be quite high, and especially when the cost of fossil fuels is high. You can do your part to reduce CO2 emissions by purchasing your next bathroom from a UK local business.



Top Reasons to Hire Interior Design Company London

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Are you planning to do interior decorating in your London home? If so then you should consider hiring an interior design company  London. This can provide several great benefits including the following ones:

  1. Results

When designing the interior of your home, it’s important to get what you “see” and expect. You probably have an idea of how you want the rooms in your home to look. It’s important that you get results that you envision, whether it’s the furniture, carpet, wallpaper, or décor.

This will be more likely if you hire pro, interior designers. They’ll help to turn your plans into exactly what you want. This would be less likely if you handled the work yourself or hired a non-professional. You deserve better than that!


  1. Details

Another benefit of hiring professionals is that they can focus on details. They’ll help to make sure that everything is perfect. That includes the furnishing, lightings, flooring, accessories, décor, and so on.

If you were to do that, there’s less of a chance that you’d get everything right. Let an old pro handle it!

  1. Time

Another key benefit of hiring interior designers is that you won’t have to spend time designing your new home or redecorating your current home. An interior designer can commit 100% of their time to make the best plans for your home’s interior.

It can take a lot of time to redesign your home, pick out furniture and wallpaper/flooring, etc. An interior designer can handle all of that for you and produce the best results for you. It will free up time for you to focus on other issues that are just as important in your everyday life.

  1. Sustainability

If you want to make your home more energy efficiency then you should consider hiring a professional interior designer. They can help to provide you with a “green” home by helping you to save energy via items such as lighting fixtures, flooring, window treatments, and flooring/carpeting.

This is a good option for various ways. The most obvious one is that it will help to reduce your energy bills. That’s not all! By making your home more energy-efficient, you can also help to make the world a better place by saving the Earth’s energy resources.

  1. Knowledge

: This isn’t to say that you don’t know anything about designing a house’s interior. However, when you hire an interior designer, they’re trained professionals. This means you can trust them to do what they do.

Interior designers have the knowledge, skills, and experience to make your home’s interior the best it can be. They can help to turn your vision into reality. If you were to do the work it has the potential to be a disaster. That’s a situation you’ll want to avoid. You can do that if you hire pros to design one or more rooms in your home.

These are just some of the main reasons to hire a professional interior designer for your London home. It will help to make sure the job is done quickly yet professionally.


How to Choose a Good Polythene Supplier

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If you are looking for a polyethylene supplier, you may have noticed how there are some choices present for you. This is an important decision that you are about to make, and you know that you cannot just go ahead and sign up for any of these professionals that you find. This is the reason why you have to be very particular about the things that you should be looking for if the time comes for you to have to enlist the partnership of one.

Remember that the supplier will play a very important role in ensuring that you have all the items that you need if and when you need them. If this is your business and you are going to sell the polyethylene products that you will get from them, then you need assurance that they can deliver the right products to the specifications that you want and the number that you expect them as well. This is the reasons why the reliability of a supplier is a big thing for you to look into.


The kinds of products that they offer should be assessed. Find out if they have the specific items that you need in accordance to the demand of the buyers that are getting these items purchased from you. You need to see if they also have several options for you to select from too. Variety is always a positive factor that you must look for so when you get these items and start selling them to your customers; they will have choices- a lot of them.

It is not enough that they have a lot of items on sale to supply you with too. The quality of the products that they are supplying should be considered. You will find that it will be easier to market these products and convince potential buyers to purchase them when you get to offer something that does not look lacking as far as quality is concerned. This is why it is always encouraged for you to invest time in assessing how impressive the suppliers’ quality is.

Consider the value for money of the products that they are offering; people often make the mistake of thinking that this means getting the cheapest rate possible. They could not have been more wrong. People need to remember that where the value is concerned, it has something to do with getting something that is worth every single penny of the price that they have to cover when getting these supplies. So, make sure that you do the same thing. Consider how much you get in return for the money that you will spend in buying them as these are the same questions that your buyers are likely going to ask themselves when pondering whether to purchase your merchandise or not.

Make sure that there is a strong sense of service with the supplier you will choose; there need to be open communication lines between you two as well. This is essential so anything and everything about the manner in which they will deliver the polyethylene supplied to you will be conveyed to you and that they are truly rededicated at finding ways to service you more effectively too.